CBD & Homeostasis

Clear set points are established Deviations in balance are detected Behavioral and physiological responses work to restore the body to its set points
Temperature isn’t the only point maintained by homeostasis. Virtually every system in the body has a perfect spot for optimal performance and health. When this balance is off, so is the body’s ability to protect itself, recover, heal and generally function.



Cannabis Sativa, or “Hemp” as it is often known, has been used for literally thousands of years. An amazingly versatile plant, Cannabis has been used for its fibres, seeds and flowers – all of which have a vast variety of uses.
While the mainstream media has unfortunately negatively targeted Cannabis for decades now, it is a fact that up until the early 1900’s, Cannabis was used as an active ingredient in many medicines of the time.
Fortunately, in recent years the awareness to its usefulness has grown and grown. The internet and books have opened the floodgates to a vast knowledgebase and people are benefitting throughout the world.