We are always expanding here at CBD UK Online to be able to offer you the best service while also bringing you quality products.
We understand here at CBD UK Online that some people who use our products may have trouble getting out the house nevermind to the local shop’s to find out about and locate quality CBD Products.

So knowing this we have decided to launch a local home delivery & support service were you can purchase your products online through our website and select the option pay cash upon arrival and pay either with cash or through our new card readers at your door. There is also free delivery for this service, Unfortunately we can only offer this service within a 10mile radius at the moment but we plan to extend this over time by adding staff & educating them enough to be able to offer a quality support service across a wider area. Eventually being able to offer this service Nationwide to the people that depend on CBD oil.

To us here at CBD UK Online Education is so important so we are happy to announce the launch of our home support & education service for anyone that is just willing to learn about CBD in general or has doubts regarding trying CBD products. This service does not depend on you buying products as we are happy to give our time up here at CBD UK Online as we believe that education is key and everybody and anybody should know about CBD and the ECS System.

What to look out for next!!

We are planning in the next few months to look at hosting some local education events were you will be able to come and learn about the ECS system and how CBD interacts with it. These events we include taster sessions You can stay updated about these events by also joining our mailing system on the main website.

Bookings can be made for the Home Education & Support service via the website through the contact us section at the bottom of the page or by contacting us by phone.

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