Hemp Oil – The new superfood

What’s the hype with hemp seed oil?  Why do we think its best to use it as our carrier oil here at CBD UK Online?

We take huge pride in our products and believe that mixing our full spectrum, c02 extracted cbd with a great quality hemp seed oil is a good choice and here’s why…. 

When using a sublingual cbd product it is usually mixed with a carrier oil, the type of carrier oil used can vary but will usually include one of the following, hemp seed oil, olive oil, or mct (coconut oil) the carrier oils are necessary for mixing with the cbd and the choice of oil used will effect the overall taste, colour and nutritional quality of the finished product. 

Not only is the hemp seed oil very useful and versatile, its a super, super food in its own right. Infact if there was a superfood arena, hemp seed oil should take centre stage. Yes it really is that great! Hemp seed oil is even referenced as far back as some 3000 years ago in China where it was used as a food and medicine. If you ever needed to survive on one food alone, then you could rely on the hemp seed! 

Hemp seeds are technically a nut, or otherwise known as hemp hearts, they are extremely nutritional and create an exceptionally rich oil, high in vital acids and proteins. Hemp seed oil is a very light, non greasy oil that acts as a superb natural emollient and moisturiser, perfect for dry skin. It even has a natural spf of around 8 – 10, so it’s great for sun exposure. When it’s unfiltered it is a divine Green colour thanks to the natural chlorophyll it contains.

Picture of Hemp seeds.

At CBD UK Online we choose to use the best quality filtered hemp seed oil that we can source as the carrier oil for all of our cbd.
Since the cbd is extracted from the hemp plants, flowers and stalks, whereas the hemp seed oil is a cold press extraction from the seeds only. We therefore strongly believe that using the hemp seed oil as a carrier helps reunite some of the components of the whole plant. Thus making the cbd and Hemp seed oil work in perfect synergy. 

Hemp seeds have a smooth nutty flavour and are an exceptional source of EFA’s and Zinc, In fact if you want to feel super sexy and happy then this is the seed for you! (it just gets better and better right?)
Hemp seed oil can also improve mood (its brain food of course!) it’s a complete protein source, which is very rarely found in plant based sources of protein, because most other contenders lack the vital amino acid lysine. Hemp protein is In fact better than many nuts, grains and legumes making it perfect food source for vegetarians and vegans alike. In fact by weight hemp seed provides a similar amount of protein as beef. Also high in DHA which is critical for brain and eye development, so good news for all you pregnant mums to be, as hemp seed oil is proven to be very beneficial for your growing baby! With a perfect ratio of omega 3 and 6 the hemp seed is the best plant based omega supplement and is a great alternative to fish oils, which often contain high levels of Mercury.
Hemp seed oil is literally the perfect plant based fatty acid, it makes you happy, helps burn excess fat from stubborn places (good bye mum tum and man boobs!) it’s essential for the health of our brain, it contains significant amounts of cysteine, arginine, glutamic acid. So get the hemp seed oil out and start dressing your salads and food! Better yet roast some hemp seeds and eat as a delicious snack. Alternatively you can use hemp powder as a great addition to smoothies. 

Many of you may have tried our cbd oils by now, which of course we believe to be the best, but don’t just take our word for it, try them for yourself and let us know what you think? 

By Emma Bedwell on behalf of CBD UK Online

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